学术报告预告:Anaerobic Biotechnology: Past, Present and Future
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Anaerobic Biotechnology: Past, Present and Future

Herbert H.P. Fang (方汉平) 教授
香港大学 土木工程系
2016年4月11日 星期一 10:00

Herbert H. P. Fang, Emeritus Chair Professor of Environmental Engineering at the University of Hong Kong, is a world renowned expert in Anaerobic Biotechnology. Professor Fang received his BS (in Chemical Engineering) from National Taiwan University in 1965. After earning PhD at University of Rochester, 3 years of postdoctoral research at UIUC, and 12 years of industrial research experience, he joined HKU and found the Environmental Biotechnology Laboratory in 1987. Professor Fang published widely in Environmental Engineering journals and receives over 7,000 ISI citations. He was an honorary professor of 11 universities in China, and was the editor of two recent books: Environmental Anaerobic Technology: Applications and New Developments (2010), and Environmental Biotechnology: Pollution Control and Resource Recovery (2015), both published by Imperial College Press.

Anaerobic biotechnology has become widely accepted by the environmental industry as a cost-effective alternative to the conventional treatment process for wastewater and biosolids. In addition, with the intrinsic advantages of energy saving, reduced sludge yield, and production of biofuel, anaerobic process will be the favored green treatment technology for sustainable environment in years to come.

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